Grand Mimieux Great Dane Reviews

It is my pleasure to share the kind words of my previous puppy buyers. 

Timing is everything…from submitting the puppy application, to the first phone call (within 5 minutes!!),to the emails back and forth, and to finally picking up Lady Fossa…Nate has been nothing but exceptional!  From the moment you experience Grand Mimieux, it is apparent that Nate is compassionate and very knowledgeable about his dogs and breeding program.  He is so easy to talk to and helpful with any questions that we have had.   He welcomed us into his home, and in turn we were so lucky to welcome Lady Fossa into ours.Lady Fossa has been with us for a little over 4 weeks now and she has become such a wonderful part of our family.  Anyone who meets her, loves her, and comments on how beautiful of a dog she is!  She brings a smile to our faces every single day.  She is very well tempered and gentle, and always wants to snuggle with us or with our grumpy cat…who still does not know what to make of her.  She has mastered going to the back door when she needs to go out, as well as sit, stay, lay down, and come. We could not be happier.  We are so fortunate to be a part of Grand Mimieux! Nathan and Grand Mimieux are truly unique, and we would recommend them to anyone

looking for a wonderful new addition to their family!

Michelle & Joe, Pittsburgh PA

Hello. Through the years I have had many dogs and known all types of breeders.  Never known anyone like Nate. The depth of love and care for his Danes is TRUE and sincere.  His breeding program,

as I know it , is very complete.  No stone left unturned as they say!!

You will be rewarded one hundred percent if you are able to have one of his pups.

Virginia from Ohio - owner of Daquiri from Litter D 

I could not be more pleased with the process of adding Mackey to our family. From the beginning, Nathan had been extremely helpful and easy to contact. I have gotten other dogs in the past from other breeders, but never dealt with someone who is as carring or passionate about breeding quality dogs. It was very comforting to know that Nathan had the dogs' well being as his top priority.  We got Mackey in June of 2013 and she has grown to be a phenomenal companion.  She is happy and healthy as can be.  She gets compliments everywhere we go, and everyone falls in love with her.  We drove to Nathan's home to get Mackey and we were quite happy we did so.  Seeing how clean, well kept, and accomodating the area was to the puppies was fantastic!  Nathan was so friendly and helpful when we met him, and he sent us off with many supplies to get Mackey started which was extremely helpful!  Over the past year, we have kept in contact with Nathan and send pictures frequently. I really enjoy maintaining contact with Nathan and think he provides a unique and wonderful experience when buying a new dog. He truly cares about his dogs, and it shows in the quality of them. Mackey has been such a great addition to our family. Grand Mimieux Great Danes will be the only place I go to for any further purchases of Danes in the future. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a spectacular dog to welcome into their family!

M.K. From Zionsville, Indiana

Owner of Couscous from Litter C

We would highly recommend Grand Mimieux Great Danes and Nathan Bolby to

anyone looking to bring a Great Dane into their home.

We could not be happier with our 4 ½ month old Great Dane puppy.  Duke (AKA name-Danzinger) is an absolute dream to have in our home with our children, and the revolving door in which all the neighborhood kids use. Duke is gentle with all of them, and has been very easy to train. He has all of his commands down and has impressed our trainers at Awesome Dawgs with his temperament and displacement. He is great with other dogs and has not needed to be crated at night since he was 2 ½ months old.

Nathan has been fantastic from the first phone call, inquiring about his pups, to the time we picked Duke up. We have spoken casually since picking Duke up and it is clear, that Nathan is truly passionate  about his dogs, and is willing to take a phone call or email at any time. We didn't just buy a dog, we gained two family members in Duke and Nathan.


Kevin Kozo, of Turnberry Custom Homes, Reading PA

Owner of Danzinger from Litter D

I am soooo in love. Fille (from new litter f) is the most loving calm friendly pup we have ever known. I attribute that to Nate and his gentle manner with his dogs. Wether it is the "super puppy program", or the nursery environment, or the bloodlines..... It works. Fille has only been with us 3 weeks now and she rings the bells to go
outside. We have a crate but she has yet to be in it. She yearns for contact with myself and our four children. She seeks out other dogs to play, and other kids when they are over. We watched Nate's website for awhile, and lucked out when Fille came available.  I would travel across country again to have such a great Dane and breeder.

Thanks Grand Mimieux!

EveRider      Petoskey Michigan


I can't say enough wonderful things about Nate and Grand Mimieux Great Danes.  I was very impressed with Nate from our first email exchange.  It was obvious that he is a dedicated and knowledgeable breeder that truly loves his dogs.  That was so important to me as I live in an area that is known for it's puppy mills.
I had complete confidence that our newest member of the family would be healthy and strong. 

The whole experience has been thoroughly enjoyable from the start.  Nate is always available for questions or
concerns even after you pick up your puppy.  And I loved that he would send a picture any time I asked after the puppies were born.  Henry (Fitzpatrick) has been with us for three weeks now and we couldn't be
happier.  He is a beautiful, sweet boy and a welcome addition to our family.


Gina, Lancaster Pennsylvania