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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​European Great Dane Puppies

UPDATE: Please know that we will likely not

breed again until 2024

 Please read the following important information regarding

purchasing a puppy from Grand Mimieux Great Danes:

We keep a waiting list of "cleared buyers" who have completed the puppy application and wish to be

contacted with pictures and prices shortly after birth. No promises or guarantees

can be given on selection and we reserve the right to match our

puppies with the most appropriate families/buyers.

We do not sell to breeding homes and reserve the right to deny purchase to buyers and homes

that we determine to be unsuitable for various reasons. 

AKC registration available on all puppies.

Our prices are high and firm

Prices reflect breeder support, sustaining the best possible life and care

for all adults and puppies, the investment of health testing,

the quality buyers can expect from breeding health tested dogs with a great pedigree,

and the high cost of importing phenomenal European Great Danes.

All puppies come with a two year health guarantee which is outlined in our contract.

Puppies are raised in my beautiful, clean nursery and receive the best possible socialization, love, and care.  When age appropriate, puppies enjoy the freedom and adventure of our property, weather permitting.

All puppies receive first round vaccinations and are treated for worms every two weeks

until a negative fecal sample is found.

All puppies come with a microchip already implanted which includes paperwork for buyers

to register the chip in their own name and address.

All puppies endure the "Super Puppy Program" which is a series of neurological exercises that stimulate the dog at a very early age. This program was developed by the US Military's dog breeding program to benefit the dog's performance, cardiovascular health, greater resistance to disease, and greater tolerance to stressful situations. 

CLICK HERE for more information on the Super Puppy Program

I have safely and successfully shipped puppies all over the continental United States including San Diego, Denver, Albany, and Houston Texas to name a few.  I exclusively use Continental Airline's Petsafe Program for shipping.  Shipping is additional cost, paid for by the buyer, and includes the cost of an airline approved carrier, USDA agriculture veterinarian certificate, and the cost of the flight. In my experience, this is around $600.