My name is Nathan Bolby and I am the 

   owner of Grand Mimieux Great Danes.

In elementary school I learned that William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, brought a Great Dane with him from Europe.  This helped the Great Dane become the natural choice for our state dog breed.  This was inspirational to me and throughout my childhood and adolescent years, 

I greatly admired the Great Dane.

I had my first opportunity to be involved with the breed after graduating from college. I began fostering and finding families for homeless Great Danes.  It was through this experience that I faced and endured many of the health problems that have plagued the Great Dane due to poor breeding practices.  Although it was frustrating, it helped me decide that someone should be out there doing this job the right way. I felt that this breed, being so beautiful, noble, and loyal, shouldn't encounter such crippling health issues.

After much reflection and research, I began breeding in 2009 with one main philosophy and guiding principle, to better the Great Dane breed by embracing it's European origins and standards. This means that my dogs are all 100% European and they are 100% health tested.

The name of my breeding program came from my foundation bitch's father, "Grand".  He sired my girl, "Mademoiselle Mimieux" and from combining both names came the breeding title "Grand Mimieux".

All of my dogs live inside my home as my loving pets.  Keeping my numbers small allows me to focus and be very careful in my choice to breed.  It also allows me to provide my dogs with an

outstanding life full of love, adventure, and companionship.

I choose to be very selective in the homes that adopt and care for my puppies.  I work tirelessly to raise healthy and well socialized dogs that can contribute to their family as loving companions.  I am constantly reflecting and involved in discussion with my veterinarian, breeding colleagues,

and mentors to be sure that the puppies I am producing are of high quality.

In closing, I invite you to reach out and join me on this journey.  I am very passionate about this endeavor and it gives me great pleasure to share it with others.

Best regards and thanks for your time,

Nathan Bolby